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Spring into barbeque season with these amazing products from Grillbot, Moore’s and Gringo Bandito

Spring into barbeque season with these amazing products from Grillbot, Moore’s and Gringo Bandito
March 0917:012017

A bit of fresh air, some crocuses popping up and what else is there to think about other than firing up your barbeque grill? Before you do, we tried some amazing products that are must haves for grilling.

Get it clean. Ditch the scrub brush for the GrillBot automatic grill cleaning robot. This rechargeable, set it and forget it grill cleaner will have you grilling even more frequently than ever. Press a the button, set the cleaning time, close the lid and move on to prep your dinner. Come back to a clean grill that’s ready to light. How you ask? The grillbot is driven by a sophisticated CPU chip that controls the movement, speed, and direction of the brushes.

The GrillBot also has replaceable wire brushes so instead of having to replace the whole unit, simply order new brushes. The lithium ion battery can also be replaced.


Make prep work easy. With so many marinades to choose from, it can be easier to pick one up that take the time to make one from scratch. But how do you know if they’re actually any good? Word of mouth is a really great way, so we’re going to recommend the Moore’s line of BBQ and wing sauces. I used the Zesty Garden Herb Marinade and Original marinades on some chicken first, which for me is a great way to truly test the flavor profile of a marinade. My family loves herb marinades, but this one by is by far the best one I have ever tried – including homemade. The original was a simple blend with a kick of soy. 


But you know how fickle spring is, and we were itching to have more of the original marinade, so instead of grilling, we tossed some sliced pork in the marinade and sauteed it. Adding some veggies and a bit more marinade we had a quick dinner that had everyone looking for seconds.

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