A: No, Grillbot is designed to clean your grill over time while still maintaining flavor. The more you use it, the better it cleans!

A: We offer fast shipping and we have stock! Place your order now for the holidays! If you have placed your order and have yet to receive it, Contact us.

A: Close the lid. We know its hard not to wanna stare but let the magic happen and come back to a clean grill.

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A: Yes, grillbot works on all types of grills!

A: Like a hand brush, grillbot will eventually remove some of the protected coating over time. You can reduce this by using a de-greaser first and not over-using Grillbot!

A: Brass brushes are softer and most suitable for coated grill grates. Stainless steel are stronger for non-treated grates.  Also available in Nylon which is softer than the Brass and Stainless Steel brushes, but  will last longer.

Replacement Brushes for the Grillbot


For Stainless Steel or Porcelain Grills

Using a brass grill brush is important for these grills, as it is less likely to scratch either surface, and it won’t leave tiny bristles on the grill for food to pick up.


For Cast Iron or Expanded Steel Grills 

The Stainless steel grill brushes are best. It is tough, industrial grade, and gets deep into those tiny pores in the cast iron. It’s also thin, and that’s important because you can work it along the sides of the grill grate, as well as on the top.


Tips and Tricks

Simply re-press the Grillbots button for a deep cleaning of your barbecue grill grates and regular usage will keep your grill maintained throughout the grilling season. Using a de-greaser would be helpful for stubborn stains like burnt-on sauce and cheeses. For the best cleaning results please make sure your barbecue grill is on a level surface.