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Grillbot is a Life Changer!

Grillbot is a life changer! No more arguing on who has to clean the grill :)))

-Eunice S. 



Every American Home should have one!

This product is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!  Every American home should have one.  It is very cute too!

-Pam L.



The Grillbot is an excellent product!

The Grillbot is an excellent product. No more hard work cleaning. Let the Grillbot do the work for you.

-John W.


Best Gadget since Sliced Bread 

I purchased three GRIILLBOT BUNDLES for my grandson and two nephews for Christmas. I know this is the best gift I have ever gotten for them. They all grill often and always complain about cleaning their grills. Now GRILLBOT comes to the rescue to make their lives easier and of course it makes me their favorite and most loved Granny/Aunt.?



Fantastic Gadget 

My wife complained frequently that I didn't clean the grill frequently enough. I was content to let the fire gods do my cleaning. Now I just grab my Grillbot, hit the go button, close the top and let it do my work. It's a great life!!! Thanks Grillbot. You have my life more simple.



Works Great!!! 

My wife gave me this for a Father's Day gift and I was a little skeptical of its performance. Was I ever wrong. I cook out a lot and the 20 minute setting cleans the grates perfect. I recommend this for everyone. Great time saver. No mess on my part. Buy it!! I'm getting ready to buy the case. You can charge it while it's in the case. Sounds good to me!





Most perfect idea for me I always use the grill, great!



The Grillbot is awesome!

Spending $100 on such a device is a bit extravagant, but worth every penny of that $100. The only delay in the whole process was the first 8 hours of charging before I could use it. It works as promised - really covers the whole grill and has super strong/stiff brushes, so it takes off everything that was stuck to my grill. Looks almost like new!



Not a gimmick

Grillbot is the real deal! Not a gimmick, not something that talks big and performs small. It does a fantastic job keeping the stainless steel grate of my Big Green Egg spotless even after cooking something marinated or extra ordinarily messy. If you are the type of guy or gal who is the proud owner of a ceramic, kamado style grill and you don't have one of these teriffic machines yet why are you still reading this? Start your fingers flying and get one coming your way. It is THE answer to the question that I always get asked; "What's the best way to clean this kind of grill". It can't get any easier than letting the Grillbot do its thing. In a few short minutes you've got a shiny and clean grilling surface ready for the next wonderful meal you're going to pull off of your grill. I am not a first adopter, I know nothing about chic or what's trending. I am only interested in things that are clever, well made and do more than what I hope they will. That's the definition of the Grillbot. Don't hesitate. Don't delay. Don't deliberate one more second. Place the order. You'll be most happy you did.





Cleans my grill execellently. Wonderful purchase.

-Brick Chick


Would buy again

The Grillbot sounds like a raccoon caught in your grill, but it does a bang-up job of cleaning the grill out of the box!



Great gift!

I love the site. Delivery arrived on date stated, in great shape! The grillbot is a riot! My son loved it as his birthday gift.

-M Kay Carver



Surprisingly Thorough

Does quite a good job cleaning the grill. Just make sure to leave the lid closed! It tends to bump around and could fall off if left open.




An excellent product who's time has come

An excellent product who's time has come! Use it often and don't let crud build up before using it, but if you use Grillbot after every grill use, you will be pleased with the results. Great customer service as well!

-James A. McNeely


Makes Cleaning Easy and Fast

This gift has made cleaning my grill a delight. Does a good job of cleaning the grill itself. Cleaning the robot after using it is messy and somewhat time consuming. Overall worth the trouble. Recommend buying it.



Finally: an easy way to clean my grill

I was amazed at how well it cleaned my grill, right out of the box. I was amused by the sounds as it banged around inside the grill cover, but totally blown away about how good it was. I lent it to a friend and he is ordering one also. I've used it twice without getting my hands dirty or using any elbow grease.

-Gran Shan


This thing is AMAZING!

This thing is AMAZING! I hadn't given my grill a good cleaning in awhile, so I set it off on the 30 minute cycle a couple of times and wow! Then, I flipped the grates over and did it again. How did I live this long without one?




Last Christmas I gave one to my son and my son-in-law and both really liked it so I decided to get one for myself  

It cleans very well; the only problem relates to possible corner lack of performance that might require you to hit the corners the old fashioned way. Last Christmas I gave one to my son and my son-in-law and both really liked it so I decided to get one for myslef; you may want to do the same.

-Dr. William A. Rieck


Works Like a Charm

Have used this handy device for a couple of months now, and it works as advertised. Eliminates the worst part about grilling, the clean up!Lets me spend more time relaxing after a great meal.



Grill Better Than New

Like getting a new grill every time I use it. My wife's a germaphobic. She feels safe eating every grilled meal. I hope she doesn't give up cooking in the kitchen.
-D & L



Set it & forget it

Turn it on and walk away come back to a clean grill.

-Amber the Cook



Easy Operation

The ease of operation is fantastic. Programming easy and works just fine.
Fun to use and makes my time flexible using saves valuable time. Warm or cold works like a trooper.



New Grill stays new

keeps my brand new grill looking new.



Love the NO FUSS

Gotta love the Grillbot! Cleans, sets you free from the mess of grillin, gives you more friend and family time - perfect!!!

-Liz O.


I wish I got one of these a long time ago...

This is one of the best investments I ever made. Grillbot easily cleaned my grill and all I did was press a button. It can be a little noisy but once you close the grill and walk away, you forget its even there.
I love my Grillbot and now I have the perfect gift for my parents.

-David D.

Best gadget ever!

My dad sent me a Grillbot as a gift and I fell in love all over again. I actually stopped grilling for a while because I hate cleaning the grill. Once I got my Grillbot and set it to work on my dirty grill I was amazed at how powerful it it! I set the timer for 20 minutes and Grillbot cleaned everything, even the corners. It's that easy to use!
You got to get one of these...



Grillbot - The new BBQ KING!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I got my Grillbot but was impressed from the start. This thing is built tough, strong brushes, heat resistant shell and it cleaned much better than I thought it would.
I barbecue all the time and now the clean up is as easy a pressing a button.
It's Brilliant!



Grillbot - Did it!

Quick Product Reviews Rating: For the more impatient reader who needs to get the rating right away, we gave the GrillBot a 4.3 out of 5 GrillJunkie:tm: GPR Firepots. This rating equates to a Hot product but not quite Searing. The product brilliantly addresses and solves the problem for which it was designed in an attractive, energy efficient, rechargeable, durable and well engineered robotic grill cleaning product. In fact, the GrillBot may be one of the best ideas to arrive on the grilling scene in years as it directly addresses one of the main challenges of grilling; clean up by minimizing, if not eliminating the chore of manually scraping your grilling surface leaving more time for you to enjoy precious time with family and friends. For more detail on this Product Review, including an overview of the present array of grilling surface and cleaning tool choices, as well as the many upcoming Grilling Product Reviews on our schedule, read on!

-A. T.


Best investment of the year.....

Been using the Grillbot all summer, and I think it's the best investment I've made all year. I love this thing!
Since we do a lot of grilling at my house, the downside is always the grill clean up afterwards. Now, it's not a problem. The Grillbot does a great job of cleaning the grill, and I get to spend my time relaxing, or with my friends and family, instead of doing the drudgery of scrubbing, washing and cleaning.
Believe me, I gave the Grillbot a real work out this summer, cooking all kinds of food, and it truly works as advertised. It's well made, sturdy, and these brushes do a great job on my grill, driven by the powerful motors.
Plus, it couldn't be simpler to use - just set it on the grill, push the button, and it goes to work, while I'm free! Maintaining it has been a breeze. And the thing looks pretty cool too. I'm recommending the Grillbot without reservation. If you do any grilling, this is a must have!



Review of the Grillbot: If you don't have one, then be sure to keep yourself in shape so YOU can work your Biceps scrubbing that grill. or replace your hard work with a Grillbot. The BOT IS A DREAM. Your own personal Bicep scrubber. Easy to use...Allow the grill to cool down. Put the Grillbot in the grill & close the lid. Go enjoy sitting with a drink & visit with your family while the Bot works for you. Return later & remove. HOW EASY CAN IT GET. Put the LOOSE brush rollers in the dishwasher. WoW easy cleanup too. Go have another drink :)) Worth every dime !!!!

-Judy Jarvis


Great Quality

The Grillbot is fantastic. Cleans great and is fast!

-Linda R.


It's about time!

I can't even remember the last time we cleaned the grill. No one likes the job so it never gets done, but come summer we use the grill almost daily so it was in dire need of cleaning. We bought the product for a Father's day gift for my husband who is very hard to buy for (so I usually buy him something I would like also) and when I heard about the Grillbot on the radio-I had to have it. Our four children thought it was a perfect gift to give their dad and couldn't wait for him to try it. Yes it makes noise, but for the 10 minutes it cleans it's well worth it. It's only 10 minutes people. But it isn't husband proof, so just a clue, remind dad to check under the hood before turning on the grill. I can't wait to share this at book club next week and then it won't be long until the whole neighborhood will soon have one.

-Kim O'Brien



Great Product

What an innovative idea and so practical. We love our bot!





This is a fun product! It seems to do a good job. Our grill is old, so we ran it a couple of times. Didn't get everything but we were impressed. The only warning I have is that it kept trying to climb out of the barbecue. We had to put the cover on to keep it inside.




Gave as a Gift; Heard Good Reviews

I bought Grillbot for my father as a gift. The only problem he had is that he hasn't cleaned the grill in years, so you can imagine how caked on stuff is. Of course, the bot cannot clean years of caked on grill-goo, but my dad did say that it will work perfectly well for cleaning based on daily/weekly useage. Hopefully this gives him incentive to finally clean the grill and keep it clean!




Nice toy

Did not really need this, but had to get one. Although it works surprisingly well it is very noisy when operating. Have to be considerate of the neighbors


This robot works great!

Gave this to my husband for Fathers Day - he tried it right away and was so excited to see how well it worked. Have not had it a long time so we don't know how well it lasts but so far, so good!



This product rocks!!!

This product rocks!!! Bought this for my husbands birthday and he just laughed with grinned like he usually does when I give him something that is "new and different". Set it up and started it and wow! Shuts off automatically and leaves a better than we can - cleaning.. Just make sure that you wipe the grill surface down afterward to remove any little pieces of metal that might come off. Great prioduct and it shipped to me super fast.

-Margaret Morrison


it worked like a charm

I ordered one of these little beasts for a friends birthday. We were at their house for a BBQ when he opened it and used it after he bar-b-qued steaks on his grill. After he picked it up off the ground and closed the lid, it worked like a charm. So, before waiting for a long term review from him, I purchased one for myself. As promised, it worked as advertised. BUT, there was a problem in removing the brushes for cleaning--I couldn't. This has been reported a number of times in the reviews, but, I figured it was a glitch that had been/would be fixed. I watched the online video on how to remove the brushes, again, with no success. I called the Grillbot company in New York and they, after attempting to help me on the phone, authorized a return for repairs. Two weeks later, it came in the mail with new parts replacing the old screws. I STILL WAS UNABLE TO GET THE BRUSHES OFF! Another phone call later they sent me an "updated" video which was no help. I then began taking the thing apart to see how it was put together. After determining that I might need a larger screwdriver, I was able to "easily" remove the brushes. It takes the right positioning and the right angle and pressure to do this, but, it worked! Now that I know how to get the brushes off, I am ordering three more of these little guys for friends. Once they fix this issue, it will be a pleasure to use for many lazy BBQers.




We bought it as a fun gadget but are very impressed

It works!! My husband loves it. We bought it as a fun gadget but are very impressed with the quality of the clean. The worst part of BBQing is the cleaning and scrubbing of the grate. Voila, Grillbot did the job! The little guy is noisy though.





I was surprised at how easy it was to use and how clean the grill was after. Just push the button and close the grill lid. The robot does its thing and I didn't have to scrape the grill at all! A must have for the upcoming grilling season!



Best Gift Ever

I was looking for the perfect gift for my Dad, who was recovering from an operation,and bought him a Grillbot. He loves it and so do I, becasue he is the one who used to clean the grill, and now the Grillbot cleans it so great and he can rest, get better and grill more for the family. Perfect Gift!!!

-Deb G.



Perfect gift for me and my family!

I found the grillbot at bed, bath & beyond and decided to buy one for my husband as an early holiday present. He now pays more attention to his new grillbot then to me. ;)
A big hit!

-Jamie H.


Amazing Device

This little device far exceeded our expectations. I originally bought it as a "what to get the guy who has everything gift" but it works so well we ended up buying 3 more as gifts for friends and family! Just push the button and set it loose; it cleans the grill far better than my husband ever could. As well, he saves on propane since before owning Grillbot he would heat the bbq up before scrubbing with a metal BBQ brush. A small issue with the screws that holds the brushes in place--one loosened and fell out. Turns out these are easy to tighten but unfortunately we didn't know that. The problem has been quickly resolved by Grillbot's customer service. Very impressed.



I love my new Grillbot

When I first bought the Grillbot I thought no way this could work. Wow, was I wrong. This gizmo rocks! I can't believe how strong and easy it is to use and does an amazing job cleaning my entire grill surface.

I am so happy I found the Grillbot.




A great solution for cleaning my grill.

I decided to try Grillbot and was amazed how strong and easy it is to use. I love to grill but hate cleaning up. Now I just press a button and Grillbot easily takes care of the rest. I wish I had one of these years ago!



Makes grilling even more fun

Have had a grill for over 20 years and love to cook on it....But I have always hated the clean up. Have tried virtually all methods...
My Grillbot is works very well and I can spend more time enjoying the results of grilling without the hassle. Bravo!

-Herc S.



Girls love the Grillbot

I am a single Mom, and I am writing to say, I love the Grillbot. It saves me a lot of time and messy work cleaning the grill so I can spend more time with my daughter. She is the most important person in my life and I love the Grillbot because it cleans my grill, and we grill a lot, and I am free to play with my beautiful little girl while the Grillbot does the work.

-Ali R.


Awsome invention!

I bought a grillbot and to be honest was not expecting miracles. I thought if it just cleaned some of the mess it would be a good investment. Instead it cleaned everything and I am still amazed.
I highly recommend the Grillbot!



Awesome product, highly recommend for any backyard griller.

Great way to clean your grill simply and efficiently. It easily takes care of the clean up and is fun to watch. I even bought one for a friend and they can't live without it!



I love it !!!

Amazing product.

-Eli Ron



Love the Grillbot

Perfect Summer Grill Cleaning Tool. Everyone loves when it's time to turn it on, especially the kids!



Family of Grillbot lovers

First, my son gave me one; I loved it so much I bought one each for my other two sons, but that caused a sorta fight because the first some didn't get one from me, so I bought him one too. We are a GRILLBOT Family for sure. Seriously, it cleans fabulously, it saves so much dirty work, we all live it. We had a rhomba, and thought that was perfect, now we have a Grillbot too and we love our perfect grill cleaner.

-Sheil L.



I could spend all day writing about how much I love my Grillbot. It has saved me so much time and has turned the hard job of cleaning my grill into something fun and easy to use. It is really powerful and scrubs like a champ.
I love, love, love my new Grillbot!

-Joe D.


Grill Warrior!

I was dreading putting mahi-mahi Christmas dinner on a grill full of steak grease. But this mornings GrillBot Christmas present made that a non-issue. Nice!
I love hearing it work on my grill and wish I could leave the grill open longer than a second or two to watch it work. Its operation is just too violent for the lip of my grill to contain and I don't want to try to catch an operating GrillBot! I have been work on pet names for it, like Grill Warrior!





The grill bot works great charge it up ,put in grill turn it on and close it up. It works great and cleans better than I expected. So much easier tha spraying and scribing.

-Sherry Parker