Grillbot Lithium Rechargeable Battery

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Product Description

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Battery Specifications-

Description: Lithium Ion Polymer Battery

Nominal Capacity: 1000 - 1400 mAh

Nominal Voltage: 7.4 V


Battery identification and replacement steps:

How-To On Finding Battery Connector for Grillbots


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Brent Thomas
It's Alive!!!

Grillbot now operates good as new with the battery replaced. Grillbot was sad and wouldn't take a charge before but now he's happy and back to his old self again.

Hendrick Ruck
Same as Original

Easy replacement as long as you have a 3mm Allen wrench.

scott lenberg Lenberg
Great service

Went above and beyond my expectations

John Leonard
Great Advice.

I thought my overly used GrillBot needed an overhaul. Emailed them and got a response the next day. They correctly suggested just replace the battery. I'm back in business. Thanks Grill Bot

Joseph DeMattia

Customer service and product is amazing sent me out a new battery to replace the one I had order was filled incredibly fast had new battery in couple of days

Thank You

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