Grillbot - Brass Replacement Brushes

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      The brass brushes are important if you have a stainless steel or porcelain grill. Brass is a softer metal and won’t scratch the surface, helping to keep your grill looking great.  If you own a grill with stainless steel or porcelain-coated grates, we recommend you stick with the brass brushes for the best results.

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    JJ Garofalo
    Great purchase!

    It would be great if the charging cord could fit in the case.

    Steve Knutzen Knutzen

    Fast shipping and everything worked perfectly!!!!

    GRILLERNATOR 2: Judgement Day
    Great Company

    Any company that actively supports their product line with multiple repair accessories and YEARS after purchase aaaand is located in the USA? i’m a lifer.

    Gerstner, Lie Nielsen, BGE, Weber and now Grillbot.

    Excellent product, excellent support. 5 stars. Just PLEASE don’t outsource your operation to China guys/gals.

    Be like one of 12 companies left that hasn’t. Or do, you gotta make a buck, I get it, but just my 2 cents.

    Therese Manley
    Great brushes

    We love the steel brushes, they arrived within a few days of ordering. Will recommend Grillbot to everyone.

    Don McIntyre
    I like this. Does a good job and fun to use.

    I like the Grillbot. Does a good job cleaning the surface of the grate. And fun to use.

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