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Black Grillbot & Case Bundle

$ 134.95

Product Description

"New" Grillbot 3.0!

The Black Grillbot & Case Bundle comes with a black Grillbot with pre-installed NYLON brushes along with a carrying case.   

This is how to clean a grill — with the world's first automatic grill cleaning robot. Simply place the GRILLBOT on your grill, press a button and you're done. It does all the grill cleaning for you — no more scrubbing!  

After the party, don’t clean the grill. Order your GRILLBOT today to take care of that messy grill for you!


  • Push-button operation
  • Three powerful electric motors
  • Built-in LCD alarm & timer
  • Smart computer brain to regulate speed and direction
  • Rechargeable battery with AC adapter


Customer Reviews

Based on 678 reviews
Marilyn Archer

Works great

Donnes Satterfield
Christmas gift

Think this will be a great gift for my husband for Christmas !

Jean Morris

Red Grillbot & Case Bundle: Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot!

Esta Samiljan

I sent it as a birthday gift for my son in law and he seems quite pleased with it.

Dennis J
Better than a scraper or a brush

This is a great tool for outdoor cooks.
Once the grill has cooled a bit, just push the button and close the cover. The Grillbot makes its way around the entire surface of the cooking grids and brushes them clean. Love it!

Thank You

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