New Plug-in Replacement Motor

$ 16.95

Product Description

Keeping your Grillbot in top shape has never been easier with the new replaceable plug-in motor. Built for the new Grillbot 3.0 and will work on all Grillbot models with small modification.


  • New & improved plug-in motor!
  • More power & more torq to better clean those dirty grill grates
  • Easily replace any of the three motors
  • Save time, save money and save your Grillbot from costly repairs

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sergio Criollo
Quick replacement!

Fast shipping, affordable and relatively easy to switch out. The instructions aren’t the most helpful, however it is pretty simple to replace the motor once you have done it once. A video tutorial would have helped.

Debbie R.
Works well, even with older Grillbots

I have an older Grillbot, so there was no place to plug in the replacement motor. The original motor is wired directly into the control board, which is a non-issue for anyone experienced with circuit boards and soldering. Once installed, the motor works perfectly. My 6 year old Grillbot is good as new!

Rick Gadberry
Works great

The replacement motor works great and was easy to install once I figured out how to do it.

Warren Jamieson
My thoughts

Grillbot was very responsive and very happy to replace our Grillbot that had broken. Not sure what happened to the old one, but it was promptly replaced.

Tom Chandler
Customer service

GrillBot clearly stands behind their products. They also have a very good product.

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