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Nerds Unite Around Grillbot! Read Review and Get the Giveaway!

Nerds Unite Around Grillbot! Read Review and Get the Giveaway!

Check  out this New Review from Nerd Gifts!Grillbot Giveaway & Review

Grillbot Giveaway & Review

Smell that?  With Summer time just around the corner, it is time to get that grill cleaned-up and ready to go.  Having a clean grill is not only important for sanitary reasons but it also helps cook food consistently and reduce those “supernova” flare ups. (GIVEAWAY INFO AT END OF REVIEW)

The world already has robots designed to handle those chores that we hate to do such as vacuum, mop, clean gutters and swimming pools.  Now there is another robot to add to that list.

Grillbot is the unique robot created specifically to take the burden off you to clean the grill yourself so you can focus on what matters most – THE FOOD!


Our Nerds put Grillbot to the test.  Our NerdGrill had not been cleaned in nearly 2 months so we were anxious to see how the Grillbot performed.  This picture is of our nasty grill prior to running Grillbot.


Grillbot Review - Before

Prior to the test starting, we fully charged the Grillbot, heated the grill to a temperature between 100 F (37.7 C) – 250 F (121.1 C).  Luckily the Grillbot has an internal alarm that will sound in case the grill gets too hot.

There are 3 cleaning durations to select from on the built-in LCD screen (10, 20, or 30 minutes).  Our Nerds followed the instructions provided in the Grillbot box which recommends for first time use, to set the timer for 30 minutes.  With the timer set and Grillbot doing its thing, our Nerds had time to play a few games of Cornhole and relax with some brews.

DING – Time is up.  Let’s see this grill.

Grillbot Review - After

When we opened the grill, we removed Grillbot and started our assessment.  Overall, the Grillbot did a great job getting our grill cleaned and ready for some burgers.  Some of the grime deep between the grill grates still remained; however, we weren’t able to reach the deep stuff even with using the old school wire brush.  We removed one of the grates so you could see all of the nasty junk Grillbot removed.

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