Every Color of Grillbot Over American Flag

Grill Like You’re in Rio: Brazilians Grill like Olympians Every Day!

All Colors of Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot Over American Flag


Thank God for the #SummerOlympics! A pleasant break from the politics and bad news of the everyday, the Olympics brings countries and peoples together. It also gives many of us a deeper understanding of the Host Country’s culture and traditions.


Rio and Brazil as a whole have their share of challenges and social issues, but the people are resilient and anxious to share their rich cultural heritage. One way they do that is with food.


Brazilians are brilliant at the BBQ and the variety of meats and spices thrown over the coals is mouth-watering.

Photo of Cut Picanha Beef


Most familiar is the Picanha – which is a type of rump-cut of meat. Making one of these is really an immersion event, but you will reap the rewards.


Check out this step-by-step guide at http://honestcooking.com/picanha-101-brazilian-barbecue-meat/


Happy Grilling Friends! And #Go USA!

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