Burgers From Long Beach BBQ Festival

Celebrate the Long Beach BBQ Festival with Grillbots and Flavors of the Region

IPhoto of Burgers, Fries & Wine for Long Beach BBQ Festival for Grillbots n celebration of Grillbot's participation in this weekend's Long Beach BBQ Festival (Aug 19-21 2016) , we wanted to help bring a bit of the flavor of the area to all our Grilling Buddies all over the Nation (and Beyond <echoeing voice>.) 

Although maybe not as unique as the Rio-selections we brought you last time, California chefs know how to bring the flavors of the region's crops and cultures into their recipes and rubs.  

Have I got your mouth watering yet? 

Check out a selection of recipes from Bobby Flay HERE that will test your skills and impress your friends from out -of-town.  

Try something easy like the California Rose Punch, or a little harder (but you can do it!,) like the Mustard Aioli Grilled Potatoes with Fine Herbs

Craving something a little...Meatier? and... Wineier? Check out the YUMMY Wine and Grilling Combos put together by our friends at the California Wine Club  Enjoy this Oak Grilled Prime Rib (Santa Barbara)...(YUM) along with a Grill-ful of other recipes you'll love here.

Happy Grilling Friends and come and see us if you are in Long Beach! ;) 

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