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Back to School with GRILLBOTS! September News

Hello Autumn....

Let the Back-to-School Celebrations begin!!

We know that although September is an exciting month for many families, it's also SUPER BUSY! Sports practices, club meetings and fall-chores leave you with less time to just RELAX and enjoy your tribe. 
Grillbot is all about making your life easier... So grab your 'bot and make sure the grill is clean and healthy for a quick and delicious school-night meal.

Check out the below links for some ways to make your September the most fun yet!
             Happy Grilling!
          Team Grillbot

Quick Back-to-School Recipes

This Grilled Pork Taco is AMAZING!

8 Things That Make it Worth
Taking Your Grill Into Fall Cooking

Put on a sweater and GRILL!

Back-to-School Weekend Travel
Ideas for Families

Squeeze in a fall weekend getaway with the family.

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