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What is Labor Day?

Many countries celebrate Labor Day, which evolved from the efforts of the labor union movement to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. In America and Canada this year, this national holiday falls on Monday 5th September, (it's always the first Monday in September!).

It marks the end of summer, and traditionally after Labor Day, people would not wear white. This tradition has long since faded, but the gathering of family and friends to share food and good times is still alive and well!

In Australia, we have Labor Day too, however the date varies from state to state. In the states of NSW , SA and ACT it will be 3rd October. Here in Queensland, where I live, it was celebrated on May 2nd.

In the UK, it is known as May Day, and was also celebrated on May 2nd this year.

In most countries, national holidays such as Labor Day, are a time of rest from work, and a time to catch up with family and friends.

However, sitting around, just talking at family gatherings, can get a little boring….So why not include some active party games that everyone will enjoy?

These outdoor party games are perfect, since, if you live in the northern hemisphere, it won't be long before it will be too cold to hold parties, and play any games outside.

There is a focus on outdoor activity games that many people can join in, because national holidays tends to be a time for get togethers at the park, the beach or in the back garden.

With these games, you can create teams and award prizes to the winning team: this is a sure fire way to get your competitive friends and family members involved. All games are fun family games that everyone can enjoy.

So whatever holiday you're planning a party for, take a look at these easy to play family group party games ideas listed below.

Labor Day Party Games

The Game of Ultimate - (Disc Throwing)

AKA Ultimate Frisbee, this is a great favourite game that is easy to play in the park or at the beach, indoor or outdoors. Although there are many forms of Ultimate, I will give you simple instructions that can be played by novices.

The objective of this game is to successfully throw the disc to a team member who is at the opposite end of the playing area, in the "End Zone" and for them to catch it. Each successful catch in the End Zone is a point scored. Opposing player must try to intercept the thrown disc, and then throw it to one of their team mates at the opposite "End Zone".

Typically there are 7 players in each team, but you may want to vary that for your party.

The official playing area is a rectangle 37m wide and 110m long, which has 2 End Zone', both 23m long and a centre play zone which is 64m. (You can vary this to suit the space available for your party). A 175gram Ultimate is always used.

The rules of the game are simple:


  • Use paper, rock, scissors or flip a coin, to decide which team plays first. Play cannot start until both teams have indicated that they are ready to play, by one player in each team raising their hand.
  • Each team lines up at the back line of their End Zone.
  • Players cannot run with the disc, only pivoting on one foot is allowed once they have the disc. If they do, then play is given to the other team.
  • The player can only hold the disc for10 seconds and it cannot be passed to another player, it must be thrown. If they do, then play is given to the other team.
  • If the disc is thrown out of the playing area, it is "out of bounds". Play is then given to the other team. They can begin play at the point were the disc went out of bounds, or at a point known as "The Brick Mark," which is a point 41m from the back line and lies within the centre play area.
  • This is a non contact game, so touching or tackling is not allowed, and if done, then play is given to the the team.
  • After each point is scored, the direction of play changes, so that the teams swap End Zones.
  • Once a team reaches a score of 17 points, they are the winners. If a team reaches 15 points and the other team is at least 2 points behind then they win.

    All you need to play this fun active game is a disc. You can get these highly recommended, Ultimate Bundle - 6 Discraft Ultra Star Ultimate Discs which are the correct 175 gram weight, and the official disc of the Ultimate Players Association.

    Use them to have several games playing at once. Or to keep the whole play simple for younger children, just simply passing the Ultimate disc with no rules, is also great fun and a perfect way to spend your Labor day afternoon.

    BBQ Roundup Scavenger Hunt

    Many of you will be having a BBQ your 2011 labor Day celebration, so I suggest some good old BBQ games that are easy and ready to play.

    This game, the Roundup Scavenger Hunt For Kids is perfect, why? because there is nothing more boring for kids than waiting for the adults to cook the BBQ food?

    If you're expecting young guests at your Labor day BBQ party and don't know how to entertain them, fear not! this is the perfect solution.

    This BBQ Roundup outdoor scavenger hunt allows kids more freedom than traditional hunts. Instead of setting a specific item, children have to find items meeting a description. It's a recipe for tons of fun!

    Disc Golf

    Here's another ideal Labor day game, Disc Golf. A course of goal baskets is set up, the players must follow the course in sequence and throw the disc into the goal basket in the least amount of throws, just like a game of golf!

    Players can compete agains their own best score, or they can play in teams, depending on you party guest numbers.

    You could make up your own goal baskets using buckets, but I really like this easy to use, adjustable height basket InStep Disc Golf GoalIt's durable and long lasting for outdoor use, comes with 3 discs and is compact and portable design so you can bring it along to your Labor day event or favorite park!


    Divide your guests into equal teams with mixed ages and abilities to make it fair. Each team sit on chairs in rows, 1 in front of the other. 1 person controls the game, that person is the Station Master. Note, if you don't have enough chairs, you can use cushions, however consider the age of your guests and their ability to get up off the floor!

    The player at the front of the row is station number 1, the player behind is station number 2 and so on, so that all the teams have been numbered from station 1 - 5 for example.

    Place a chair, 1 for each team, a short running distance in front of each team, this is the empty chair.

    The Station Master shouts out a station number between 1-5. The player at station number 1 from each team must get up from their chair and run forward towards the singe empty chair at the front of their team. They must circle the empty chair run back to towards their team, run around the last person in their team and then back to their own seat. The fastest team to get back to their chair scores a point.

    The game progresses, when the Station Master shouts out 2 station numbers at the same time, for example stations 3 and 4. Both players at stations 3 and 4 in each team, get up and run around the empty chair, then back around the last person in the team, and this time they return to the other team members seat. So that number 3 is now sitting in number 4's chair and vice versa. As this happens several times the players must remember what number station they are sitting in, otherwise they are slow to react when the Station master calls out their station number.

    At some point the Station Master can call out "All change" in which case every player must get up and run around the empty chair, back around the last chair in the row and then go back to any station except the one that they started from.

    Points are scored for the fastest team and a set time is given for the game to play its course. The winning team is the one with the most points.

    United States Trivia Games

    If you're hosting a family reunion or large 2011 Labor day party? This 50 United States Trivia Pack has 750 questions from every state of the Union!

    These 50 printable trivia games, are suitable for teen-adult players. Each game contains 15 trivia questions and answers about a state of the Union, including funny laws and customs, geographical features, state trees, flowers and slogans, tourist attractions, historical highlights, famous people, Presidents and much, much more!Instantly delivered to your mail box ready to print and easy it's not funny!


    Croquet has been a family favorite for hundreds of years and was extremely popular in England in the 1800's although it is believed to have originated in parts of Western Europe much earlier. The game is best played on grass in a park or back garden, with a low cut lawn. This is a relaxing way to spend Labor day.

    There are many variations to the game of Croquet, but here is a simple way to play the game for a family and friends gathering on Labor Day.

    Simply set up the course of hoops/stakes in the lawn, each player then takes it in turns to navigate the course, by hitting the croquet ball with the mallet in the fewest number of hits as possible.

    Alternatively, if you want to have teams. Each team takes it in turns to hit their ball, and in doing so can knock the other teams balls out of the way. The first team to get all their balls to the end of the course is the winner.

    All you need is a Croquet Set This one is a recreational 4 Player Croquet Set and is ideal for backyard family fun. It includes all weather molded balls, mallets with a lacquered chestnut finish and protective cap, 14" stakes, wickets and a carry bag.

    This is an easy game that little kids can play too.

    Horseshoe Throwing

    Throwing horseshoes for Labor day?…why not, it's fun!

    The game begins with a horseshoe being tossed to decide who will go first. Each player has 2 horseshoes and a steak in the ground each. The winner of the toss throws both of their horseshoes, one at a time, at a steak in the ground which is a set distance away.

    The second player throws both of their horseshoes to their own steak in the ground, the same distance as the first players steak.

    After scoring, the next round is done in reverse order, or by throwing back at the original stake. Play continues until one player has at least 15 points at the end of a round.

    Typically games are generally played up to 40 points, or a shoe limit of 40 or 50 shoes.

    The age is usually for 2 to 4 players, however teams can be made up for larger party groups.

    The St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Set includes 4 solid steel horseshoes with a baked-on, non-slip finish that is electrostatically appliedFinish is more resistant to chipping, corrosion and weathering than other coatingsAlso includes two 24-in solid steel stakes, rulebook and an easy-to-carry case. This product is proudly made in the USA

    Family Picnic Games

    18 printable games for the whole family.Picnic Game Ideas: hamper of printable picnic games has games for everyone in the family. Tangled Tongue Twisters Tango, British Food Trivia, Are You A Princess? Quiz For Girls
Are You An Alien? Quiz For Boys, Naughty or Nice? Coloring and Nutrition Game For Kids, Champagne Trivia and much much moreSimply select the one most suitable for your Labor day party guests and away you go. Hours of fun guaranteed.

    Family Animal Game

    This was one of my favorite family group party games when I was a young girl. It's a spin on musical chairs. I have also used it during a corporate sales meeting with sales reps to add energy to the meeting. I used a theme, Africa, so I chose animals from Africa only.

    You can vary it to suit the theme of your party. i have suggested it for Labor day party because it's fun for large groups, and everyone can get involved. Expect a lot of noise and laughter. Not suitable if pregnant, as it can get quite rough!

    You will need: Pen and paper to write animal names on, chairs, (1/3rd the number of chairs to the number of guests. Music.

    Object of the game: Find your family and be the last family of animals sitting on the last chair.


  • Select animal names such as Lions, Dogs, Bears, Pigs, etc.
  • Write down on a piece of paper, Daddy Bear, then on another piece of paper write Mummy Bear, then on a third piece of paper write Baby Bear.
  • Repeat for all your chosen animals.
  • Set the chairs up in a row as you would in musical chairs, each alternate chair facing the opposite direction. Have enough chairs for each of the animal families.
  • Play the music while handing out the folded pieces of paper, which have been mixed up.
  • Guests walk around the chairs but must not look at the paper until the music stops.
  • When the music stops, the guest reads the animal name and begins to make the noise of that animal. No talking!
  • Each animal has to find its family (by animal noise only), Father, Mother and Baby, before they can sit on a chair.
  • Once they have found each other, Daddy must sit on the chair, Mummy sits on Daddy's knee and Baby on Mummy's knee.
  • Repeat the process, but remove 1 of the chairs. As each round completes the family that doesn't get a chair must sit out the next round.
  • The last family of animals sitting on the last chair is the winner.

  • Uno Card Game

    After all the running around playing active Labor day party games, why not include a less active but most enjoyable, fun Uno Card Game

    America's number one card game, UNO offers hours of fun. It's easy to learn, always unpredictable, and never dull. It can be played with 2 to 10 players, individually, or in teams. And it can even be educational, teaching younger kids number recognition.

    Need More Games Ideas?

    Hopefully it's still warm enough to go for a swim, if so then why not have your friends and family over for a BBQ and a Pool Party? There are lots of fun games to be played in the swimming pool.

    I have another web page dedicated to Outdoor Party Games so check that one out too.

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