New Plug-in Replacement Motor

$ 16.95

Product Description

Keeping your Grillbot in top shape has never been easier with the new replaceable plug-in motor. Built for the new Grillbot 3.0 and will work on all Grillbot models with small modification.


  • New & improved plug-in motor!
  • More power & more torq to better clean those dirty grill grates
  • Easily replace any of the three motors
  • Save time, save money and save your Grillbot from costly repairs

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dewitt Felts
Best customer service ever

I had a motor go out on my grill bot call verified that I had bought it replaced it could not have been better

Deborah Borkowski

Prompt response from company and sent out and I had it within 3 days. Had to find the right Allen wrench which we borrowed from neighbor. Easy to install

Russ Brown
Gort (named after the robot in "The Earth Stood Still) is happy!

Relatively easy motor replacement. No solder necessary, couple of small wire nuts, tape and done. Gort has resumed his amorous pursuit of the Roomba.
Gort says; "Roomba, barada nicto mito aata Gort?" (Gort, you devil you)!

James Jackson

Shipped part out. Worked perfectly. Thanks.

Joseph Pigeon
Replacement Motor

Worked on my older model. Stripped the wires and connected. All good.

Thank You

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