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"Your Guide to a Lazy Summer "includes GRILLBOTS: From Wall Street Journal

Grill Sloppily

Between Alexa and self-driving cars, it seems the robots are taking over—a boon for the indolent. Add the Grillbot to the list and rest assured, cleanup after your next barbecue will be taken care of. This adorable automatic grill cleaner toddles around the greasy grate, scouring away with its wire brushes, propelled by three high-power electric motors and guided by a clever CPU chip that controls direction and speed. The brushes pop right out and into the dishwasher for easy cleaning; the lithium ion battery is rechargeable; and the LCD alarm and timer allow you to program different cleaning times depending on the state of the grate. Think of it as your barbecue butler. $130,

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Thanks to The Off Duty 50. Your Guide to a Lazy Summer

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