New-Age Momma Agrees! Grillbot Makes the perfect Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any other Holiday Gift!

New-Age Momma Agrees! Grillbot Makes the PERFECT GIFT!

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SATURDAY, MAY 27, 2017

The Perfect Father's Day Gift The Grillbot


For the master of the grill, Grillbot is a handy device that will make his favorite hobby even more enjoyable. The Grillbot allows users to clean their grill from their smartphone. Now he can sit back, relax and let this little robot do the scrubbing!  The fully automated device makes quick and easy grill cleaning possible with just the push of a button. Grillbot features replaceable wire brushes that are dishwasher safe, a rechargeable battery, and a LCD alarm and timer, driven by a CPU chip to control its movement, speed, and direction. Now he can get back to the fun while the Grillbot does all the work.

My Thoughts
This thing is insane. I can't even begin to describe how much fun this is. The first time I did it, I just sat there and watched it for awhile. Mind you I have three grills in my yard, because my father in law is a Pitmaster, and my husband is always grilling as well. So when I heard about this particular item I knew it was for us. The first time I tried it, I put it on 10 minutes and let it rip. Now... this thing sounds like a little robot from Transformers trying to escape from the grill lol. It sounds angry, but apparently that just means it is working. Now I had some really baked on rib remnants on my grill. So I set it for 10 minutes the first time, and it was not completely clean when I first did it. So I set it on 20 minutes for the second time. It got the top of the grates very clean. I was impressed. I had to use a grill brush for some of the stuff that was stuck low in between the grates, but for the heavy top stuff it really did the trick. 
I love the "set it and forget it" aspect of this little guy. We named ours "Wheelie" after the robot from Transformers. It is very useful because you can pull the brushes off and throw them in the dishwasher. They went from being black and gross to squeaky clean. I threw them right back on the little guy. It has a very convenient storage case for portability. It also has an CPU battery that controls the movement and time cleaning. The battery is rechargeable. I haven't killed the battery yet, so I can't really comment on how long it will clean before it needs to be recharged. This thing definitely makes a fantastic Father's Day gift for any Grillmaster in your family. While there is still a little bit of work that needs to be done on your part, it makes cleaning your grill significantly easier. The neighbor kids thought it was hysterical. Just be careful that your grill has a lip before you try to watch this thing go. Otherwise, it will shoot right off.
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