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5 Grill Cleaning Tools to Try this Spring

If you're excited to get back on the grill this spring, you may be interested in replacing your old grill cleaning tools. Whether your tools are worn and need replacing or you're just getting started, we have a few recommendations that will help you keep your grill clean all season long.

In this article, we're taking a look at several grill cleaning tools you should try this season.

Grill Cleaning Tools to Try this Spring

There's no denying that grilling is one of the most satisfying ways to cook. You can grill up a storm as the weather gets warmer, and enjoy all those delicious meals that you can make al fresco. Once you've cooked though, you're going to need to clean that grill. What tools are the best for ensuring it's as clean as can be?

Here are several grill cleaning tools to try this season. 

1. An Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

We use robots for everything these days. They take care of the work we don't want to do, which allows us to spend more time doing what we enjoy.

Grillbot is an automatic grill cleaning robot that cleans your grill so you can spend more time with your friends or family. Just set it and forget it!

place the device on your grill, press the 'on' button, and it will start cleaning the grill for you. It's an ideal tool if you want to save time. Not everyone is able to scrub their grill down right away. Perhaps you're chasing after your kids, or entertaining guests. You don't want to stop everything just to clean the grill.

Of all the grill cleaning tools we're covering in this article, the Grillbot is by far the most exciting. With a variety of replacement brushes and silicone skins to choose from, you can rest assured you'll love to clean your grill once you have a Grillbot.

2. Heat Resistant Gloves

    If you're going to clean your grill while it's still hot, then you're going to need some gloves to protect your hands as you do so. The last thing you want to do is to burn yourself on the grill as you're trying to get it clean. 

    Remember though, just because the gloves are heat resistant, doesn't mean that they're heat proof. You'll find that you can't put your hands in glowing hot charcoal and not feel a thing. If you need to do something like that, you'll need extra protection. 

    It's worth picking up a pair of heat resistant gloves, as they are also great while you're cooking on the grill. You won't have to worry about an errant spark or splatter of oil jumping up and burning you, as you'll be protected. 

    3. Grill Scraper

      Want to clean your grill with a wire free alternative? Then this is just the thing for you. A wooden scraper is a solid block of wood that looks like a shovel. The first time you use it, you'll brand it as you run it up and down your grate. This molds it to the shape of your grill, and allows you to really but some force behind your grill cleaning. 

      The scraper is a great tool as it works with your particular grill. If you just have the one grill, then it's worth picking one up and making it work with your grill shape. Plus, when you use it, you'll get a pleasant woody smell as you scrape the hot grill. 

      4. A Bucket And Sponge

        Sometimes you'll just need the simple tools, and a bucket and sponge are essential. Once you've got the burned on food off your grill, you'll need to give everything a good clean with some soapy water. Just some mild detergent and hot water will do, as this is enough to get off even the stubborn grease. 

        Some grills will allow you take off some parts, such as the burners, and scrub them in the bucket. Give them a really good clean, dry them off, and put them back in the grill. You won't have to do this every time you grill, but you'll need to do it regularly to ensure that you're keeping your grill in the best possible condition. 

        5. A Grill Stone

          Another way many grill owners get their grills clean is by rubbing off the burnt on food with a grill stone. As the name implies, these are stones designed to rub away that gunk when you clean. They're a brush alternative, something that some grill owners like to have. 

          There are some benefits to using them. They're a tough scrubbing tool, something that's great if you have a build up of old food that's proving to be difficult to get off. You can use them on hot grills, and they're very inexpensive. If you're looking for a low effort cleaning option, a grill stone may be what you need.

          These are just a few of the options available to you if you're looking for ways to keep your grill clean. If you have the right tools, keeping it clean is a breeze. You'll get so much more use out of your grill, as you know it'll be ready for another session whenever you want. Pick up the right tools now, in time for summer. 


          We hope you enjoyed this article and find it helpful when considering your own grill cleaning tools. You have a lot of options today, so be sure you take the time to find the right tools for you.

          If you're interested in the Grillbot, you may be interested in the Grillbot Bundle. It comes with both the Grillbot and carrying case so you can store your automatic grill cleaning robot safely.

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