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Go Labor-Free on Labor Day with Grillbots

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Enjoy your labor day by relaxing... you deserve it... Yes you do! 

Check out this great blog by on how to Relax, featuring GRILLBOTS! (Thanks #Leaffilter)

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This Labor Day, wouldn’t you rather enjoy what’s left of summer with a long weekend getaway than be stuck at home doing dreaded chores? Whether your Honey-Do list includes gutter cleaning, window washing, staining the deck, or some other time consuming task, these ten products can help you avoid those chores altogether so you can soak up the remaining days of summer in peace.


LeafFilter Gutter Protection

LeafFilter Gutter Protection is your number one go-to product to have a labor-free Labor Day. With our patented micro-mesh design, you’ll completely eliminate the need to ever clean your gutters again. In addition to gutter cleaning, you’ll eliminate other chores as well. You can check off cleaning your siding and windows due to backsplash from overflowing gutters. No need to worry about edging your gardens to prevent erosion from all that excess water. And forget desperately trying to dry out a wet basement that has flooded due to a weakened foundation. Don’t wait until major problems like flooding and soil erosion arise – get peace of mind now! Learn more about the benefits of LeafFilter now, so you can enjoy your long holiday weekend.


Brizo Logo - Smart Touch Faucet

Sinks can be one of the germiest places in your home – and for good reason! In order to wash your hands, you first have to turn the faucet on after touching raw meat, unwashed produce, toilet flushers, and even garbage. Even if you scrub incessantly to rid yourself of the germs you’ve touched, you inevitably have to touch that faucet again to turn it off, which exposes you to those same germs you’ve been trying to get rid of. It’s a vicious cycle.

Break that cycle (and eliminate the need to constantly clean your sink and faucet) by installing a smart touch faucet. Their sleek design, available in four different finishes, will fit well in a modern kitchen or bathroom while protecting you and your family from harmful germs.


Robomow Logo - Robotic Lawnmower

Mowing the lawn during the dog days of summer is one of the worst chores imaginable. Instead of pawning the chore off to an unwitting neighbor boy or your own family members, invest in a Robomow device. You’ll never have to lift a finger with this little robot (unless you want to make a game of it by controlling the device with the Robomow app). Just lay down the proprietary perimeter wire to mark your yard’s borders, place the base station, and your new robot is good to go. Mowing the lawn has never been easier!


SynLawn Logo - Synthetic Lawn

Okay, so Robomow isn’t for you because you don’t even want to think about the “M” word (ahem…”mowing”) ever again. Luckily, you can avoid the need to maintain your lawn altogether by installing synthetic turf. While turf may have looked and felt unnatural in the past, modern enhancements have made the differences between synthetic and living grass almost imperceptible.

By eliminating the need to water or use fossil fuels to mow the lawn, synthetic turf is incredibly eco-friendly as it is, but Synlawn takes it a step further. It’s made of 100% renewable and recycled material. The backing material is even sourced from bio-based polymers, as opposed to the scarce petroleum-based polymers typical in other products. So, ditch the mower and the sprinkler, and opt for synthetic turf instead!


Grillbot Logo - Robotic Grill Cleaner

If you’ve tried any of those delicious BBQ sauce recipes we shared with you, your grill might be a little messy. Or, maybe you’re depriving yourself of tasty barbecue delicacies because you’re afraid of messing up your pristine grill. Well, you’ll never have to worry about a messy grill again with the Grillbot grill cleaner.

This is another super handy robotic device that will take the elbow grease out of what should be a fun, carefree barbecue. With this handy robot, cleaning the grill is as simple as pressing a button and watching the easily replaceable grill brushes do their work. So, go ahead and slather on the BBQ sauce to celebrate your smart decision to buy a Grillbot!

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