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Surprise mom with a Grillbot

We all know that Mother’s Day is one of the best holidays there is in America. It can also be one of the messiest as we barbecue, clean and grill for our special mothers. In attempt to impress her, we can try not only cooking for her but cleaning for her! All moms need a break this holiday and we can give her that break with the new Grillbot.

The Grillbot is a small robot that does all the cleaning for you on your grill while you enjoy that precious time with family and friends. Why take that time away when Grillbot can do the job for you? There is nothing better than simplifying your mom’s life not just on Mother’s Day but all year long. Launched on January 13, 2014, Grillbot is here to make your life easier with a fully-automated device that makes grill cleaning possible with just the push of a button.

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