We're Setting the Record Straight on Grill Cleaning!


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When the weather is nice, it’s hard to beat the experience of opening a beer and enjoying being outside while tending to the grill. And even when the weather isn’t so great, being able to have a delicious grilled or barbecued meal for dinner can make it worth the downside of needing to deal with cold outdoor temperatures.


While most people view grilling as a fun and rewarding activity, the same isn’t true for grill cleaning. In fact, so many people dislike having to clean their grill that it’s easy to find forum or social media posts online with people asking if they can just skip doing any type of cleaning.


Since this is a question that comes up quite often, we want to set the record straight on exactly how often it should be done:


The Most Common Excuses People Use to Avoid Grill Cleaning


We want to cover two excuses people commonly use to justify not cleaning their grill and then explain why those excuses simply don’t fly. The first is that not cleaning “seasons the grill.” The second is that a grill gets hot enough during use to kill anything that could contaminate food. Although these excuses sound reasonable enough at first, there are actually some major flaws with them.


On the subject of “seasoning the grill,” the more common effect of not cleaning is it contaminates the flavor of the food that’s being cooked with the charred remains of what was on the grill before. And in terms of the grill getting hot enough to burn off bacteria, there’s actually an even more pressing food safety issue.


The even bigger issue is the fact that bacteria from food produces protein toxins. It only takes a small amount of these toxins to be lethal. What makes this such a big issue is that direct heat doesn’t kill protein toxins. The only way to fully protect against those toxins is to clean the grill off.


The Easiest Way to Clean Your Grill


Given the issue of both contaminating the flavor of food and potentially being exposed to protein toxins, it’s easy to understand why you should clean your grill after every use. Although that’s not the answer most people want to hear, the good news is there’s much easier way to clean your grill than manually scrubbing it with a brush.


The easiest way to clean your grill is by using a Grillbot. With this awesome piece of technology, you can literally let a robot clean your grill for you. Thanks to its push-button operation, cleaning your grill becomes as easy as placing a Grillbot on your grill and then letting it go to work. The Grillbot features a timer and sophisticated CPU that will ensure cleaning is done in the most efficient way possible.


If you want to enjoy the tastiest food from your grill without ever needing to scrub it again, head over to our shopping page to check out the Grillbot in all of its fun colors!

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