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12 Gifts For BBQ Lovers

Does the grill lover in your life have a birthday coming up? Are they celebrating an anniversary? Do you just want to spoil them? These are all good reasons why you should pick up a gift for them that helps them up their BBQ game. Whatever the occasion, here are the best gifts for the BBQ lover in your life. 

1. Automatic Grill Cleaner

If you're looking for something new and exciting, you've got to check out the Grillbot – an automatic grill cleaner that does that hard work for you.

No one likes cleaning off their grill. It's a tedious job and takes time. Who wants to do that when they can be relaxing in their back yard? If you know someone who hates cleaning their grill, you'll want to give them a Grillbot. This handy gadget works a lot like a Roomba, as you place it on top of the grill, hit a button, and the machine gets to work cleaning. You can change the brushes depending on your needs, so it's perfect for every grill. It's a gift so many grillers will love. 

2. Personalized Branding Irons

Every griller loves getting those perfect sear marks on their food as they cook. Why not take it one step further, and get them their very own personalized branding iron? These irons can be made up to three letters long, perfect for stamping initials on everything from steaks to burger buns. Your grill fan will love it, and it'll add that real personal touch to anything they cook on the grill. 

3. BBQ Gloves

Yes, tongs are great for moving meat on the grill, but there's still the risk of getting burned as you do so. If you have a griller in your life that's prone to scorching themselves, you'll want to get them a pair of BBQ gloves. These heavy duty gloves are designed to stand up to heat, water, and grease, making them perfect for cooking on the BBQ. Many grillers have switched to these gloves and have never looked back. 

4. Grill Basket

There's nothing better than freshly grilled veggies, but they're a pain to clean up after. They have a tendency to stick to the grill, making it harder to get off when they're ready to eat. A good grill basket solves both of these problems in one stroke. It sits on top of your grill, and can be used with any grill type. This way your veggies are grilled to perfection, and there's much less clean up to do afterwards.

5. Yeti Cooler

If you're at the grill, you can't be running back and forth to the fridge for your beers. You've got to keep an eye on the meat you're cooking, to ensure it comes out perfectly. Do you know someone who loves to have a cold one as they're grilling? They need a good cooler to keep by their side as they're working. A Yeti cooler is just the thing, as it offers excellent cooling and looks good too. Now they can keep the beers to hand all night long. 

6. Grill Fan

If the grill lover in your life likes to cook on a charcoal grill, they're going to love this gadget. The grill fan is designed to clip onto the side of the grill or smoker, and help them light the grill faster. With the fan pointed at the coals, it will burn faster and more evenly, for the best grilling experience. 

7. BBQ Cutting Board

Once the meat has been grilled, it needs to be cut up ready for serving. This BBQ cutting board is just the thing for any giller in your life. The maple wood looks amazing, and there's a juice groove around the edge that will catch any juices that escape. It can even be used once grilling season's over, so it's a highly versatile gift. 

8. Thermapen Thermometer

Having a meat thermometer is essential when grilling. You need it to know when the meat is cooked just and ready to enjoy. Any grill fan needs just the right thermometer for their needs, and the Thermapen thermometer is it. It's designed to get you an accurate reading quickly, something that's essential when the line between 'just right' and 'overdone' is so thin. Having this means they can get their BBQ game perfect as they have so much control over temperature. 

9. Pizza Stone

Yes, take out pizza is great, but what about cooking your own pizza from scratch? Any grill makes the perfect pizza oven when you use this pizza stone on it. It's the best new challenge for any experienced griller, and they'll love the new options they'll have for using their grill. This stone comes with carry handles too, so it's easy to move on and off the grill. 

10. Stainless Steel Smoker Box

If your favorite grill fan has a grill, but they really want to experiment with flavor, then they're going to love this smoker box. The box sits on the grill and can be used in all sorts of ways. For example, adding wood chips or herbs allows for new smoky flavor infusions that they couldn't get before. They'll love playing around with this box and seeing what they can get it to do. 

11. Bistro Sauce Pot

Does your loved one like adding marinades to their grilled dishes? It's another great way of adding flavor, but it tends to get messy as they do so. That's where this bistro sauce pot comes in. It's a pot and a marinade brush all in one, keeping the marinade just where it needs to be. The no-slip silicone on the handle even ensures that gloved hands can hang onto the brush, too.

12. Grill Apron

Finally, every griller needs a grill apron. This one has all kinds of pockets to hold everything, from their tongs to their cellphone. Now, everything is at hand and their clothes are protected from food splatters. 

The griller in your life will love any of the items on this list. Pick them up something special as a gift, especially as grilling season is around their corner. They'll be sure to thank you with a juicy steak or burger grilled to perfection.

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