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Getting to know your grillbot

For best experience watch our Grillbot tutorial. The Grillbot is the world's first automatic grill cleaning robot.

Removing, Cleaning or Replacing the Brushes

Grillbot brushes are easy to remove! The replaceable brushes pop right off for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe. This tutorial will explain how to remove the brushes.

Infographic on Removing the Brush


Step 1: Remove brush.
Step 2: Remove the "c-clip" from the brush shaft, then pull off the broken shaft.
Step 3: Insert new shaft and secure with
Step 4: Confirm that the new c-clip is inserted all the way through the pinhole.

Infographic on Removing the Brush

How to replace a broken motor

Step 1: Remove brush and quick release adaptor first.
Step 2: Open lid using a 3mm Allen wrench.
Step 3: Remove the two screws to remove the motor.
Step 4: Insert the new motor and "gently" plug into the PCB board.  It will only fit one way, DO NOT FORCE!

How to Remove a Stubborn Brush 

Some brushes come stiff from the factory and need a little nudging.

Step-by-Step On How to Revive a Sleeping Grillbot Battery


Step 1: Use a 3mm Allen Key to remove the top screw.
Step 2: Carefully remove the lid.
Step 3: Locate the battery and wire connectors.
Step 4: Identify the color of the battery's connector.
Step 5: Unplug the battery and plug it back in again.  

Step-by-Step On How to Change the Battery  for Grillbot

Replacing the Battery

STEP 1: Use a 3mm Allen Key to carefully remove the top cover.
Step 2: Locate the battery and wire connectors.
Step 3: Disconnect the wire connector by squeezing, then pulling apart two tabs.
Step 4: Identify the color of the battery's  connector (black or white).