Grillbot - Stainless Steel Replacement Grill Brushes

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Product Description

Stainless steel brushes are great for cast iron or expanded steel grills. Cast iron is by far the best outdoor cooking surface because it holds heat better than other kinds of grills. However, these kinds of grills are higher maintenance. The steel brushes are great because the bristles are able to penetrate the tiny pores in the cast iron. This allows for a much better cleaning experience.

Customer Reviews

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Sharp Idea

The stainless brushes are very stiff and durable, maybe a bit to stiff.

When the grill is cold the Bot does its' thing but does not clean as well when the grate is warm..maybe the stainless brushes do not have enough flex to them

Charles Lombardo
Go to the stainless brushes.

Awesome upgrade. I have a 36" roughly 19" deep with heavy stainless grates. The vinyl brushes had the grillbot flailing around like a trapped raccoon. Subsequently the brush arms broke. Grillbot replaced the arms and I bought the stainless. The machine calmed down and smoothly cleans the worst of it. Try to do it after each use. It's easier on the machine.

Barry gaffney
Great service

Reached out to have an issue resolved and they went above and beyond.I plan to continue to be a customer for a long time

George Riepe
Second time around...all good!!!

My first purchase arrived within a few days...awesome! When I opened the box, I found that the on/off switch had somehow disassembled itself. Trying to fix it, I dropped a part inside the unit, and it apparently got stuck on a magnet. I contacted the company, and the president sent me a replacement immediately. I got to keep the first one for parts down the road. I charged the new unit and cleaned my cast iron grill, using the nylon brushes provided. It work pretty well, although I did use a steel brush for touch-ups on the first run. I also have the stainless steel brushes, which I'll use next time. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and I plan to gift them to my family for birthdays and /or Christmas. My only suggestion is to offer a selection of the brushes on the first purchase, as I will probably never use the nylon brushes after I swap them out. I'd gladly pay a premium for the choice.

Douglas G Thorpe
I have seven other robots, why not a grill bot.

His little champ was a real surprise! Does a great job, make sure you keep the lid on. The little creeper will get right out of that grill if you don't. But yes he does a very good job, as well as his dad would have with a brush. Just much cooler and funner. My only dislike, is the fact that they didn't include the case, and the case doesn't have storage space for either the cord, or an extra set of brushes. Work on that marketing team. Other than that, from the grill master general himself, five stars 🤩.

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