Grillbot Red: Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot!

$ 99.95

Product Description

"New" Grillbot 3.0 (In stock)!

This is how to clean a grill — with the world's first automatic grill cleaning robot. Simply place the GRILLBOT on your grill, press a button and you're done. It does all the grill cleaning for you — no more scrubbing!  

After the party, don’t clean the grill. Order your GRILLBOT today to take care of that messy grill for you!

  • Push-button operation
  • Three powerful electric motors
  • Built-in LCD alarm & timer
  • Smart computer brain to regulate speed and direction
  • Rechargeable battery with AC adapter
  • Comes with three Nylon brushes


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 632 reviews
    Linda Jakupcak

    This was purchased as a Christmas gift. Hard to review before using.

    Keith Lester
    Great little tool

    Bought one for myself last summer, and have bought one for my two brother-in-laws for Christmas. Great little tool and very easy to clean the grill.

    Margot Sample
    great gift idea

    This company is a pleasure to do business with and the grillbot is a sturdy tool

    Ethel Perry
    Third order. I was impressed.

    Very impressed with the first Grillbot. I ordered the second one for son-in-law
    and the thrid one for me. Haven't used it yet, it is different it looks smaller and the charging system is different. USB connector vs the direct120v connector.

    Christopher Kende
    Excellent product works great

    I use the Grillbot after every use of the grill. It works great and saves me a lot of time since I don't have to really clean the grill all the time. At some point you will need to clean the underside since the Grillbot obviously cannot clean both sides but it is very handy on a daily basis.
    A bit disappointed that my last one only lasted 5 years and I had to replace it but maybe the newer version is more hardy. Well worth the price.

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